Henry Bell Contemporary Right Angle Nest Box

Introduce architectural style to outdoor space with this Contemporary Right Angle Nest Box for wild birds by Henry Bell.


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The Henry Bell Contemporary Right Angle Nest Box is a modern and stylish wooden home for wild birds.

Perfect for bringing the latest in nest box design to the garden, to provide a cosy home for a wide range of garden birds.

The clean lines and open front allow birds like Robins and Pied Wagtail to fly in an out as they please and it creates a focal point for any outdoor space.

Featuring an upturned oversized L-shape painted roof over the naturally stained wooden bird box, creates a rain proof space for birds to nest and raise their young. Inside the nest box are several drainage holes to keep the box free from moisture.

A Nest Box is a great way to invite more wild birds to the garden. By providing a sturdy and safe place for wild birds, it will encourage regular visits to the garden by wild birds.

This bird box has a light pastel painted finish to brighten and lift an outdoor space.

The Nest Box can be opened at the back with the hinged back for cleaning purposes, but be careful not to disturb nesting or roosting birds. Choose an open location to site the nest box to allow a clear flight path and keep it out of reach from predator attack. It can be hung using the handy metal loop provided.

Face the nest in a north or easterly direction, to avoid strong sunlight and wet winds and keep it a distance away from feeding sites, so the nesting birds are not disturbed by other birds.

To attract nesting birds, Henry Bell recommends hanging this bird box in Autumn, but it can be installed at any time of year.


  • Modern wooden bird home for a wide range of wild bird species like Robins or Pied Wagtail
  • L-shape roof provides both a modern and practical canopy to protect the nest box from the elements
  • Small drainage holes are provided to keep the nest box dry
  • Nest box can be opened at the back for hygienic easy cleaning
  • Flat back allows it to be hung from a tree, wall or fence with the handy metal hanging loop provided
  • Information and hanging instructions are provided inside the nest box
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