Helleborus ‘HGC Ice N’ Roses Early Rose’ (4.5 litre pot)


Pretty light pink Ice N’ Rose hellebore from the Helleborus Gold Collection, flowers from October until April.

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Helleborus ‘HGC Ice N’ Roses Early Rose’ is a beautiful evergreen perennial from the Helleborus Gold Collection (HGC) and it comes in a 4.5 litre pot.

The HGC premium collection includes different varieties of Christmas Rose, Snow Rose and Lenten Rose (and the unique range of Ice N’ Rose variety). This lovely hellebore is a combination of them all, with robust nature of Snow Roses, the early flower of Christmas Roses and the striking colour of Lenten Roses. So this plant will cope well with harsh winters and warm summers.

It has deeply lobed dark green leaves which provide good coverage during colder months and it can withstand extreme cold and snow and produces large saucer-like light pink flowers.

This stunning and long-lived hellebore thrives in borders, pots or containers. Ideally suited to the front of an evergreen border where you can enjoy pretty blooms from late Autumn until April. If you don’t have a garden, try planting it in a pot at an entrance instead.

It’s an extremely low-maintenance and hardy plant with an upright habit, which can be planted into good compost (but grows well in any soil type).


Garden notes:

  • Collection: Helleborus Gold Collection (HGC)
  • Pot size: 4.5 litres
  • Characteristics: Long flowering perennial (Ice N’ Rose)
  • Care: Easy & low maintenance
  • Flowering period: October – April
  • Ideal for: Front of borders, containers, entrances or balconies
  • Position: Half shade to sunny
  • Soil type: Any (prefers rich, chalky & not water-logged)
  • Growth: 50-60cm
  • Companion plants: Calocephalus, Calluna, Carex & Saxifraga
  • Things to look out for: Slugs in spring. Water in dry weather
  • Tips: If planting in the garden use compost. For containers, use one large enough to prevent the root ball from freezing (thicker walled containers are best)