Growth Technology Orchid Myst (300ml)

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This solution is designed to replicate, as far as possible, the nutritional environment of wild orchids.

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Growth Technology Orchid Myst providing complete care for Orchids.

Orchid Myst will provide orchids with all the necessary nutrients- both mineral and organic. Specifically formulated to prolong flowering and provide complete care for orchids.

Orchid Myst is first and foremost a nutrient solution containing all the elements needed by orchids, in the right proportion and strength encountered in their wild habitat. The solution designed to replicate, as far as possible, the nutritional environment of wild orchids. Nutrients are available at very low level but on a continuous basis with every watering.

Where to use:

  • Can be sprayed on the potting mix allowing it to trickle down through the bark. This method avoids any risk of water logging and ensures that the solution is delivered in a highly oxygenated state.
  • It can be misted gently over the foliage, supplying significant nutrition to the plant and helping to recreate the humidity that most orchids crave.
  • It can be sprayed onto exposed aerial roots partially exposed as in Phalaenopsis or fully exposed as often with Vandas. These fleshy roots are designed to absorb water. Spray downwards through the bark, and repeat several times around the surface area. Mist all foliage, do not mist the flowers.

When to use:

Repeat every 2-3 days throughout the growing season.

Main features:

  • Provides all necessary organic and mineral nutrients to support and prolong flowering
  • Continuous supply of low level nutrition just as in nature
  • Bottle size:300ml
  • Very easy to use – just a few squirts every few days
  • Complex solution contains nutrients, growth enhancers and natural organic insect repellents that will help keep pests away from the plant