Growth Technology Citrus Focus with Seaweed (100 ml)

Designed and developed specifically for supplying all the needs of citrus plants grown in soil, even in containers.


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Growth Technology Citrus Focus with Seaweed a balanced liquid concentrated fertiliser for vigorous growth and abundant fruit.

Growth Technology Citrus Focus is a premium quality, balanced liquid concentrated rich fertiliser and contains 14 essential nutrients that is perfect for all of your Citrus plants and trees. Creating healthy citrus results and prolonging plant and tree life. Brilliant for citrus, including oranges, lemons, mandarins and tangerines – in containers, your greenhouse, or your conservatory., precisely formulated for citrus trees grown in pots and containers.

Manufactured from pure mineral salts and enriched with complex organic plant acids, such as humic and fulvic acid designed to increase and maintain soil fertility of the compost. It also contains seaweed as an added source of nitrogen.

The citrus plant family includes lemons, oranges, mandarins, limes, tangerines, grapefruits and is closely related to kumquats. Citrus Focus provides balanced nutrition that should be used regularly from March until October to assist healthy growth and abundant flowering and fruit.

How to use:

  •  Always shake the bottle well before use.
  • Simply add 10ml of Citrus Focus concentrate in every litre of clean water and mix well.

When to use:

  • Use regularly from March until October to assist healthy growth and abundant flowering and fruits.
  • Use weekly, if leaves are pale or yellow, increase frequency of application.

Main features:

  • Made with mineral salts and rich organic nutrients
  • Very easy to use 1-part nutrient
  • Makes 10 Litres of feed when diluted
  • Contains high levels of humic and fulvic acids for increased soil fertility
  • Includes added seaweed extract for plant health and vigour
  • Bottle size:100ml of Citrus Focus liquid concentrate.
  • Enables long-lived citrus plants to be grown in (large) pots
  • Precisely balanced and manufactured for great results
  • Perfect for feeding oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, mandarins & lime

Fertiliser Analysis:

  • NPK: 2.3 – 1.2 – 3.8
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