Growth Technology Cactus & Succulent Focus Peat-Free Repotting Mix (3 litres)

Re-pot your cactus or succulent with this 3 litre pack of peat-free potting mix for strong and healthy growth.


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Cactus & Succulent Focus Repotting Mix by Growth Technology is a peat-free and free-draining potting mix.

A great solution for any cactus or succulent that has outgrown its pot.

Made from coir, composted fine bark, sterilised soil, grit and sand, as well as a balanced range of nutrients to support growth for up to two months.

This special mix is specifically designed for cacti & succulents and is not ideal for other houseplants.

Easy to use and available in two handy pack sizes (3 or 8 litres).


  • Pack sizes: 3 litres
  • Peat Free
  • For cacti & succulents
  • Includes 2 months feed
  • Made from coir, composted fine bark, sterilised soil, grit & sand
  • Free-draining for strong root growth
  • For healthy vigorous growth & flowering
  • Also available as an 8 litre pack

Gardening tips

  • Always take care when handling cactus & succulents, wear gloves & wash hands after use
  • Use in a well ventilated place & avoid breathing in dust
  • Re-seal bag after use & store in a cool dry place
  • Feed & water regularly

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