Westland Gro-Sure All-Purpose Compost (10 litres)

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For more flowers, fruits and vegetables use Gro-Sure All-Purpose Compost by Westland.

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Westland Gro-Sure All-Purpose Compost grows great results every time.

Perfect for season long flowering, fruits and vegetables. Suitable for use in pots, containers, beds, borders and hanging baskets.

This compost comes with four months feed to get plants off to a great start.

The blend includes West + technology – a high performance mix of peat and wood fibre for a distinctive fibrous texture, which benefits plant health and encourages stronger root systems.

Easy to re-wet and has excellent moisture retention, resulting in up to 50% less watering.

It’s also 50% lighter than standard multi-purpose compost, making it easier to transport around the home and garden.


  • 10 litre pouch
  • Grows plants & produces season long flowering blooms, fruits & vegetables
  • Great in pots, containers, beds, borders & hanging baskets
  • Includes 4 months feed
  • Superior moisture control
  • Contains patented West+ technology (contains peat & wood fibre mix)
  • Easy to re-wet & 50% less watering required
  • 50% lighter than standard multi-purpose compost

Gardening tips

  • Always take care when lifting, wear gloves & wash hands after use
  • Use in a well ventilated place & avoid breathing in dust
  • Re-seal bag after use & store in a cool dry place (away from weed killers)
  • Not suitable for houseplants or ericaceous (lime hating) plants
  • Feed plants (after 4 months) & water plants regularly