Grace by Dominguez
Grace by Dominguez
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Grace by Dominguez

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Featuring a proud Great Egret preparing to burst from the bulrushes with well balanced neutral shades.

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This neutral yet delightfully energetic print of Grace by Dominguez is ready to hang on your wall, all you need is a sturdy nail or wall hook. Dominguez portrays a Great Egret preparing to burst from the midst of the bulrushes and stickleback shallows.

A perfect statement piece to brighten up any room around the home and bring a wonderful energetic atmosphere. This is a wrapped and framed print with a thin light-medium grey frame gently caressing the outside of the canvas. A small gap is between the two with less than half a centimeter difference.

This is ideal to hang somewhere central as a conversation-piece that you can work round. The neutral colours used within the picture mean that this will work wonderfully with most home décor themes. Wall decorations can enhance the energy and atmosphere of any room.

Take in a vision of natures beauty with a perfect balance of colour and carefully crafted texture. Sure to help provide a calming and soothing aura in whichever area you place it.

Product details

  • Artist: Dominguez
  • Wrapped & framed canvas
  • Dimensions: (W) 82cm, (H) 82cm, (D) 3.5cm
  • Light-medium grey frame
  • Frame width: 0.5cm
  • Small gap between the frame and canvas