Gardena Wall-Mounted RollUp Hose Box & Hose (35m)

EAN: 4078500052061 | MPN: 18630-20


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A ready to use hose box & hose, complete with the necessary fittings needed to fulfil any watering applications. Perfect for large gardens and outdoor spaces.

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This Gardena Wall Mounted RollUp Hose Box & Hose is a hose box with features to help you save space, such as a 180° swivel to fit flat against the wall, as well as storage for nozzles and sprayers inside the bracket. This wall-mounted hose box is the perfect selection for hosepipe storage.

It is ready to use immediately as it includes a 13mm 35m hosepipe, a wall bracket, a hose nozzle, a connection hose, and all necessary connectors needed to get started.

This hose box’s most innovative feature is the reel mechanism itself. With Gardena’s RollControl function the hosepipe is kink and tangle resistant when winding or unwinding. Just simply pull out the hose, stop at the desired length and the hose will lock into place at one of the many built in locking positions. When putting the hose away, lightly pull the hose to engage the integrated spring which will automatically rewind the hose reliably, with a built-in hose guide to ensure it wraps evenly.

The Gardena hose box is also UV and frost proof and can therefore be used year round, however it can very simply be taken off of the bracket by removing a screw if storing away is required.


  • Convenient and practical storage for hosepipes
  • Full 180° swivel for ease around your garden
  • Space-saving storage for accessories
  • Ready to use & already assembled
  • RollControl for ease unwinding and rewinding
  • Kink & tangle resistant
  • UV & frost protection
  • Suitable for outdoor use year round
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty


  • 1 x wall bracket
  • 1 x Gardena 35m hosepipe (13mm)
  • 1 x Connection hose for fitting to taps
  • 1 x Gardena nozzle with spray & jet functions
  • Assorted Gardena tap & hose connectors