GARDENA Pump Sprayer 1L
GARDENA Pump Sprayer (1 litre)
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GARDENA Pump Sprayer (1 litre)

EAN: 4078500051118 | MPN: 11112-20


The GARDENA Pump Sprayer (1 litre) will help you water the plants and flowers in your house and garden with ease and efficiency.

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The 1 litre Pump Sprayer by GARDENA can be used on your patio, balcony or inside your house to quickly and easily water plants.

This pump sprayer has many great features to help make watering as efficient and painless as possible. For example, it has a secondary side opening that helps you to easily fill the sprayer, measure out and add the correct dosage of fertiliser or feed and to empty out any excess dregs when you’re done. This removes the need to unscrew the pump head, keeping your hands dry.

You can also use this sprayer at any angle or orientation thanks to its 360 degree weighted internal tube straw that is able to suck up liquid, even when upside down. This lets you use the sprayer without having to twist your wrist to an uncomfortable angle.

When watering, you can adjust to the needs of your plants by using the full jet or fine mist spray, thanks to the robust and high-quality full brass nozzle that can be easily adjusted. Checking the water level is also easy thanks to the translucent material that the bottle is built from.


  • Perfect for balcony and patio plants’ care
  • Size: 1 litre
  • Can be used in any orientation
  • Includes a 2nd side opening for easy filling, measuring and emptying
  • Transparent material makes it easy to see how much is inside