GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 1.25L

EAN: 4078500051132 | MPN: 11120-20


The GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 1.25L helps you to care for your balcony or patio plants with easy operation and handy innovations.

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The GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 1.25L is the perfect tool for watering plants on your patio or balcony.

This sprayer features a range of innovations that ensure simple operation. It includes a secondary side opening that can be used for filling, measuring liquid and emptying and includes a measuring cap that helps your hands stay dry.

The built-in 360 degree function means that liquid is always sucked in when spraying, regardless of the position it is held in while the high-quality brass nozzle, located at the head outlet of the spray bottle, can be adjusted to different intensities (spray mist or spray jet) and can also be angled up to 90 degrees. This lets you use the sprayer without having to twist your wrist to an uncomfortable angle.

Before spraying, build up pressure in the sprayer using the ergonomic D-shaped handle and check the fill level using the transparent viewing strip.


  • Perfect for balcony and patio plants’ care
  • Size: 1.25L
  • Can be used in any orientation
  • 90 degrees brass nozzle tilt
  • Includes a 2nd opening for easy filling, measuring and emptying
  • Transparent viewing strip
  • Safety valve releases excess pressure