GARDENA Hose Connection Set

This GARDENA Hose Connection Set includes everything you need to connect and set up a garden hose.


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This GARDENA Hose Connection Set consists of the GARDENA Hose Connector and the GARDENA Water Stop, providing everything you need to set up and connect a new garden hose.

These attachments are helpfully labeled and convenient to use with the light coloured hose connector tap end and the dark coloured Water Stop hose end.

The Gardena Hose Connector is a quick and easy-to-use adapter for the beginning of a garden hose. This handy connector lets you integrate a garden hose onto a tap forming a secure, high pressure seal.

The GARDENA Water Stop attaches to the end of a garden hose and functions by cutting off the water flow when an attachment is disconnected, only letting water flow when you connect a new attachment, such as a spray nozzle, to the hose. This simple feature saves you countless runs to the tap and back as you work around the garden.

Both fittings are designed to work perfectly on 13mm (1/2″) to 15mm (5/8″) hoses and are easy to attach thanks to features such as the specially shaped union nuts with Power Grip or the soft plastic grooved grip recesses that make them comfortable and easy to grip, even with wet hands.

They are both frost-proof, protecting them from the cold allowing for year round use and come with a five year manufacturer warranty.


  • Includes the GARDENA Hose Connector and the GARDENA Water Stop
  • Everything you need to connect and set up a new garden hose
  • Suitable for 13mm (1/2″) to 15mm (5/8″) hoses
  • Suitable for outdoor use year round with frost protection
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
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