Floralsilk Fresh Touch Pink Peony Bud Stem (48cm)

A beautiful stem with two unopened pretty pink peony buds atop a multi-shaded stem.


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EAN: 5021327005610 | MPN: 11460P-GR

This beautifully detailed and elegant Floralsilk Fresh Touch Pink Peony Bud Stem is a must have for your next breath-taking artificial arrangement. Created with ruffled petals which are still yet to bloom with varying shades of pink and cream as well as a hint of green around the outside.

The stem is multiple shades of brown, purple and green with a sprinkling of medium green leaves around the unopened buds. The two flower heads are being gently caressed with a scattering of green leaves to complete the realistic appearance.

Bunch together for a simple but bold arrangement or place with other beautiful flowers and leafy foliage to bring a welcome splash of colour to any room or hallway. The fresh touch gives this stem a wonderfully lifelike feeling.

Each stem starts with a hand painted design to ensure the colour tones of the non-fray petals are perfectly matched and great care and expertise is applied to produce life-like leaves and heads.  The stem is internally wired to retain the desired shape for easy potting or arranging in a vase. It can also easily be cut up for use in Spring and Summer arrangements and a wide variety of other decorative uses.

Product details

  • Size: 48cm
  • Petal colour: various shades of pink, cream & green
  • Stem colour: gradients of green with a hint of brown and purple
  • Leaf colour: medium green
  • Fresh touch
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