Floralsilk Mauve English Rose Spray (72cm)

A wonderful, full spray of English roses which features small pretty pink roses with a dusting of leaves as well as thorns.


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EAN: 5021327171278 | MPN: BB20270MV

This classically beautiful Floralsilk English Rose Spray is a wonderful combination of smaller branches which are dusted with pretty pink roses. Perfect as a feature or starting point in a large mixed bouquet or bunched up for a simple and effective side table decoration.

Created with petals which have varying shades of pink as well as hints of green and cream around the edges. The heads are being gently caressed by green leaves around the base of the cup shaped flowers.

A muted green stem with brown hues finishes this rose spray with thorns scattered about the stem and a dusting of leaves are placed around the top two thirds. Pair this rustic English rose stem with peonies, other roses and green foliage such as fern and mimosa sprays.

This floral stem will remain in bloom all year, no matter the weather or season.

Floralsilk faux flowers are incredibly realistic and almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Each stem starts with a hand painted design to ensure the colour tones of the non-fray petals are perfectly matched and great care and expertise is applied to produce life-like leaves and petals.

Product details

  • Rose colour: varying shades of pink
  • Stem colour: deep muted green
  • Leaf colour: medium-deep green
  • Height: 72cm
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