Floralsilk Daffodil Stem - 2 Heads (60cm)
Floralsilk Daffodil Stem (60cm)

Floralsilk Daffodil Stem (60cm)


A classic yet beautiful stem which will bring spring memories into your home to enjoy all year round.

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Stunningly simple, this Floralsilk Daffodil Stem with 2 Heads is perfect for bringing the beauty of nature into your home in a stress free way. The stem is smooth and green with long leaves reaching up to the blooms.

This delightful artificial daffodil will bring your home to life and captures a spring quality seldom seen all year.

Bunch these up for a simple display or add into a large mixed bouquet with yellow roses, cream peonies, buttercups and an array of delightful green foliage. The stem has wire inside to give you extra control over the way it’s looking in your arrangement. Ideal for tall spring themed bouquets.

Floralsilk faux flowers are incredibly realistic and almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Each stem starts with a hand painted design to ensure the colour tones of the non-fray materials are perfectly matched and great care and expertise is applied to produce life-like palm fronds.

Product details

  • Flower colour: White or Yellow
  • Leaf & stem colour: medium green
  • Size: 60cm
  • Heads: 2