Firepits UK Flat Table Top Lid


A selection of smart and stylish flat lids for Plain Jane fire pits by Firepits UK.



The Firepits UK Flat Table Top Lid is a smart outdoor fire pit lid to cover a Plain Jane with Swing Arm BBQ Rack fire pits

This versatile lid can be used as a table to place items on when not in use. Alternatively, it will act as a snuffer to safely extinguish a fire in the fire pit fast. So when you have finished entertaining outside you can head back inside safe in the knowledge that the fire is out and is safely covered.

Plus it keeps your fire pit nice and dry and ready for the next use. It will also prevent ash and embers being blown around your outdoor space.

These lids are available to fit 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 90cm fire pits from the Plain Jane collection.

The lids are designed to be strong and measure around 10cm more than the firepits to ensure there is 5cm all round overhang. This will ensure any water will drip to the ground instead of settling in the firepit.

For example, when purchasing the 80cm fire pit, you can choose the 80cm lid. Please be aware the 80cm lid will actually measure more at approximately 89cm, etc.

Manufactured from mild steel which will oxidise to create a beautiful rustic look. This will not impact on the overall performance and will tone in with the fire pit.


  • 2mm Mild Steel
  • Built to last for years
  • Multi-use lid
  • Table top (when not in use)
  • Acts as snuffer to extinguish fire
  • Prevents ash and embers being blown out of the firepit
  • Keeps the fire pit dry
  • Suitable for outdoor use (can be left outside all year round)


  • Choose a lid to match the size of your firepit. NB: Lids are actually approximately up to 10cm larger than the fire pit to allow water to drain away from the fire pit

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60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm