‘Fiesta Red Pippin’ Apple Tree

A crisp, delicious red apple with a good yield and easy to grow.


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‘Fiesta Red Pippin’ Apple Tree has an aromatic, nutty flavour most suited for eating fresh and juicing.

In appearance, the fruit are yellow flushed with bright red and grow on pendulous branches.

As a comparatively modern eating apple, Fiesta Red Pippin has a reliable yield and is easy to look after.

This apple tree is available on different rootstocks to suit a range of gardens. The rootstock controls the rate of growth so you can choose a rootstock suitable to where you would like to plant your tree. The rootstock also ensures the tree fruits earlier than when grown on its own roots.

M26, a Semi-Dwarf variety, is suitable for smaller gardens and where space is at a premium. This rootstock grows to a mature height of 2.5m (8ft) after 10 years.

MM106, a Semi-Vigorous variety, is commonly one of the largest rootstock available and is best suited to large gardens and where space is not an issue. This rootstock grows to a mature height of 3.5m (11ft) after 10 years.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit (RHS AGM)


  • Recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit
  • Rootstock: M26, MM106
  • Fruiting Season: Late
  • Parentage: Cox’s Orange Pippin and Idared
  • Pollination: Flowering Group 3

To ensure good pollination and a good crop, apple trees require two or more different cultivars from the same Flowering Group.

Some cultivars are triploid. This means they require two non-triploid cultivars for good pollination.

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