Edge Sculpture Barn Owl

EAN: 5032161022701 | MPN: ED25


A contemporary sculpture crafted and designed by Matt Buckley. Perfect for bringing to life your chosen room.

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A beautiful Edge Sculpture Barn Owl by Matt Buckley – part of the EDGE collection of contemporary sculpture. One of our most well known and well loved birds, the barn owl’s distinctive heart-shaped, white face and black eyes make it instantly recognisable.

Each subject has been originally sculpted from clay, which allows the creation of pieces that deliver both a dynamic and organic feel.  The sculptors develop both the cases and moulds which ensure the faithful reproduction of the original clay sculpture with a special blend of marble stone castings. The finishing touch is the skilful application of hand-painting with the end-result being a statement piece.

Product info

  • Height 16.5 inches (420mm)
  • Width 21.8ches (550mm)
  • Depth 15.9 inches (405mm)
  • Part of the Edge Sculpture Figurine Range
  • Product Code: ED25