Dwarf Iris ‘Alida’ (Reticulata)

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These delicate light blue flowers bloom in January to March low to the ground. Plant in clusters of approximately 10 bulbs in a container or pot, or at the front of a border.

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Dwarf Iris ‘Alida’ (Reticulatais a low-growing plant that blooms late winter and early spring, with light blue flowers that feature deep blue and yellow markings on the lower petals.

These bulbs should be plated 5cm deep and around 5cm apart, preferably in full sun or partial shade. Iris ‘Alida’ can happily grow in containers, at the front of a border, or in a rockery. Be sure to keep the soil well drained to replicate the soil of the mountains the ‘Alida’ heralds from.

Complete with a delicate sweet scent, this hardy plant combines well with other early-flowering bulbs such as Snowdrops.

Garden care

  • Delicate lilacy-blue flowers with dark blue and yellow markings
  • Best planted in Autumn
  • Position in full sun
  • Requires well-drained soil
  • Flowers in January to March
  • Average size: 15cm x 15cm