David Austin® Mycorrhizal Fungi (90g pouch)

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Up to 3 treatments for potted or bare root roses to help establish strong root growth & great plant health, resulting in beautiful blooms.

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A resealable pouch of David Austin® Mycorrhizal Fungi is for use when planting roses to encourage better plant growth and health.

Ideal for use with potted roses or bare roots and each pouch contains enough treatments for up to three roses.

This mix includes 18 species of endo and ectomycorrhizal funghi, as well as a range of bio-stimulants. This helps the rose to extract water and nutrients from the soil, which results in better root growth, flowers and improves general plant health.

Perfect for all David Austin® roses and a great solution for poor soil types. It can be used when planting other plants too, but it’s not suitable for rhododendrons, azaleas or brassica. 

Easy to use, simply sprinkle a third of the contents over wet roots, as well as over the planting hole for each rose.


  • 90g resealable pouch to treat up to three roses
  • 18 species of endo & ectomycorrhizal funghi plus bio-stimulants
  • Encourages root growth
  • Improves plant health
  • Helps plant extract nutrients and moisture from soil
  • Suitable soil type: All
  • Suitable for: Pots, containers &  borders

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