Dahlia Pompon ‘Franz Kafka’

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Delicate shades of pink and lilac bloom on this Pompon Dahlia.

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Dahlia ‘Franz Kafka’  is a Pompon Dahlia with perfectly spherical flowerheads on stiff, upright stems.

Intricate and delicate pink florets bloom throughout the Summer. Place this Dahlia amongst purple and blue flowers for a cool bed display.

Or, alternatively, plant Franz Kafka with shades of red and orange for a fiery show.

  • Contains: 1 Dahlia Tuber
  • Flower Colour: Pink
  • Foliage Colour: Green
  • Height: 80cm (32″)
  • Horticultural Group: 7 – Pompon Dahlias
  • Flowers: July – September

Planting Guide

We recommend planting Dahlia tubers, such as Franz Kafka, between March and June into fertile, well drained soil 15cm deep and 60cm apart. Position in a sunny location for maximum flowering and impact. After planting, water in well and monitor during the Summer months. Aim for one good soak once a week to the base of the plant.

Some tall and large flowerhead Dahlia varieties may need staking for support during the flowering season. Use an all-purpose general plant feed for bigger and brighter blooms. Deadhead regularly to encourage more flowers through till first frosts.

Gardening Tip

Cut new, fully opened flowerheads for use indoors in vases.