Dahlia Cactus ‘Purple Gem’ (1 tuber)

Dahlia Cactus ‘Purple Gem’ produces showy pink and purple blooms.


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A vivid purple, Dahlia ‘Purple Gem’ will dazzle in the garden during the Summer.

Strong tones of purple and pink, set against green foliage, will ensure this dahlia is a true performer.

We recommend planting dahlia tubers, such as ‘Purple Gem’, between March and June into fertile, well drained soil 15cm deep and 60cm apart. Position in a sunny location for maximum flowering and impact. After planting, water in well and monitor during the Summer months. Aim for one good soak once a week to the base of the plant.

Some tall and large flowerhead dahlia varieties may need staking for support during the flowering season. Use an all-purpose general plant feed for bigger and brighter blooms. Deadhead regularly to encourage more flowers through till first frosts.


  • Contains: 1 Dahlia Tuber
  • Flower Colour: Purple
  • Foliage Colour: Green
  • Height: 90cm (36″)
  • Horticultural Group: 8 – Cactus Dahlia
  • Flowers: July – September
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