Blackberry ‘Adrienne’



An early season, thornless blackberry with compact growth.

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Blackberry ‘Adrienne’ is an early season, thornless variety with attractive, bright berries borne on strong canes.

As a thornless blackberry, Blackberry ‘Adrienne’ is an ideal choice for fruit picking with children and maybe a safer option for pets in the garden.

Small in stature, this blackberry is good for smaller gardens and could be used as a feature against a wall or trellis.


  • Fruiting Season: Late July to August
  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Thorns: No
  • Height & Spread: 2m x 2m

Blackberry Planting Guide

Plant blackberries between November and March, during the dormant season, in free draining soil and in a sunny location. Place the blackberries into the ground to the depth of the soil mark on the stem.

Improve your yield by applying a layer of organic matter, such as composted bark, on top.

Support during the growing season is recommended and bamboo canes should be positioned where necessary and plants secured with twine. New shoots should be tied in regularly to train them.

Water in well and regularly thereafter and apply a general fertiliser, such as Growmore, in Spring.

Harvest your blackberries in the Summer as soon as they are ripe, and then either eat them fresh, freeze them or use them in jams or jellies.