Big K Real Lumpwood Barbecue Charcoal


5kg & 10kg packs of Big K Real Lumpwood Barbecue Charcoal.


Big K Real Lumpwood Barbecue Charcoal is easy to light and burns quickly, so it can reach high temperatures faster than briquettes.

Ideal for barbecuing burgers or searing steaks on any charcoal barbecue.

Big K’s lumpwood charcoals contain 100% natural wood, with no chemical additives or lighting aids added. This means food tastes great using real lumpwood charcoal.

Easy to use, simply cover the cooking area of your BBQ approximately 5cm deep with Big K Real Lumpwood BBQ Charcoal for normal grilling. For spit roasting use more charcoal than for grilling and this will ensure a longer cooking time needed for this style of barbecuing.

Charcoal will not go off and can be stored for a long time. It comes in a tough pack, which should be kept dry.

To light, we recommend using lighter cubes or lighting fluid on a bed of Big K charcoal. Once lit, cook over heat and not flames. This will prevent food from burning or cooking too quickly.


  • 5kg or 10kg packs
  • Lights quickly
  • Burns fast & reaches high heat quickly
  • Perfect for searing steaks / burgers
  • For use with all charcoal BBQs
  • Reliable & quality real lumpwood charcoal
  • Contains 100% natural wood
  • No chemical additives or lighting aids added


  • Suitable for outdoor use only
  • Keep away from children & pets
  • Do not leave a lit BBQ unattended
  • Light your barbecue with BBQ lighter cubes or BBQ lighting fluid
  • Store unused charcoal briquettes in a dry place
  • Allow to cool fully before disposing of ashes