Baby Bio Feed & Mist Orchids (175ml)

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All in one convenient mist spray with balanced nutrients to keep orchids healthy.

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Baby Bio Feed & Mist Orchids is a super-fine mist spray designed to provide orchids with moisture and nutrition.

Your orchid will last for years with the right care and they enjoy high levels of humidity, which is not always possible in British homes. This Orchid Feed & Mist will boost humidity levels for your orchid by replicating the micro-climate found in their native tropical rain forests.


  • 175ml Baby Bio Orchid Feed & Mist
  • Super fine mist spray
  • Convenient & ready to use feed
  • Contains all essential nutrients and moisture needed for healthy growth
  • Brighter blooms & healthy leaves
  • All year round feed – for whilst plant is growing
  • Suitable for all orchids

How to use

  • Spray leaves, roots and compost once to twice per week
  • Avoid spraying flowers
  • Use in addition to regular watering & feeding with Baby Bio Orchid Food