Baby Bio Orchid Compost (5 litres)

EAN: 5000371055550 | MPN: 85000003


Bark-based compost with orchid plant feed to support the growth of healthy orchid plants.

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Baby Bio Orchid Compost is a bark-based compost which acts as a natural habitat for orchids.

This 5 litre bag of specially blended compost is ideal for the potting on of many different orchid species.

With a specific formula, it creates the perfect growing conditions with the necessary nutrients, to support the well-being of orchids.

Baby Bio recommend re-potting orchids annually in spring (or at least every two years), to help avoid root-rot.

This compost will also encourage bigger blooms.


  • 5 litre pack
  • Bark based compost
  • Provides drainage & aeration for root systems
  • Balanced nutrition for vibrant blooms
  • Suitable for all orchids

Gardening tips

  • Ensure orchid container is clean with enough room for root system
  • Use gravel in a clear container and fill with one third Orchid compost
  • Remove dead roots from your orchid
  • Place orchid carefully in the container and fill with more compost (keep crown below rim)
  • Water & use a cane support (if necessary)