Baby Bio Leaf Shine (200ml)

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Easy to use Leaf Shine spray keeps plants free of dust and gives them a healthy shine.

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Baby Bio Leaf Shine is a 200ml aerosol spray to revive and brighten houseplant foliage.

Ideal for use on a wide range of indoor plants but please note this is not recommended for use on young, tender or hairy-leaved plants, succulents, yuccas or ferns. And avoid spraying open blooms and buds. This is for leaf foliage only.

This easy to use aerosol spray makes both a great companion for indoor house plant lovers, but also for anyone who keeps a tidy home.

To use, always shake the can thoroughly before use. Then spray 30cm (12 inches) away from upper leaf surfaces in a sweeping motion to give a light even shine without over-wetting leaves. This can be applied monthly, or when required.

The long-lasting natural shine will keep plants free of dust and removes the need for using harsh cleaning products on plants, a plus for any plant. Keeping houseplant foliage clean and shiny will also help houseplants to thrive and maximise photosynthesis, enabling them to breath.

So you can enjoy shiny, fresh and clean foliage all year round.

Main features:

  • 200ml aerosol spray
  • For use on houseplants with leafy foliage
  • Long lasting shine
  • Easy & ready to use
  • Suitable for indoor plants

Additional info:

  • Avoid contact with furnishings, polished surfaces & wall coverings
  • Not recommended for young, tender or hairy-leaved plants, succulents, yuccas or ferns
  • Avoid spraying open blooms and buds
  • Always reseal bottle after use & store in a secure place
  • Keep away from children & pets
  • Wash hands after use