Baby Bio Houseplant Compost (10 litres)

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A good all-round Houseplant Compost with up to 4 months feed by Baby Bio.

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Baby Bio Houseplant Compost is a special blend to support the strong and healthy growth of indoor plants.

This Houseplant Compost is perfect for use with indoor plants, seedlings, pots, baskets and containers.

Ideal for potting a new plant or re-potting an old, this 10 litre pack of Houseplant Compost is free-draining and has all the necessary plant nutrients for healthy blooms. It also comes with up to 4 months feed.

Re-potting is advised when a plant becomes too big for it’s pot. A sign to look out for is when the roots start to show, which ultimately inhibits healthy growth.


  • 10 litres
  • Compost for houseplants
  • Includes up to 4 months feed
  • Special peat-reduced formula blended with nutrients to ensure healthy houseplants
  • Suitable for most houseplants

Gardening tips

  • Ensure container is clean & enough room for root system
  • Partly fill with compost
  • Place your plant into the fresh container and fill around the roots.
  • Leave approximately 1cm from the top, to allow for water drainage
  • Water thoroughly and continue with regular watering
  • After 4 months start to use Baby Bio Feed