Autumn Crocus ‘Conqueror’ (Crocus speciosus)

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With dynamic bright blue flowers and bold orange anthers, this Autumn Crocus ‘Conqueror’ is an excellent pollinator that blooms once the summer flowers have started to die back.

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The Autumn Crocus ‘Conqueror’ (Crocus speciosus) is an autumn-flowering crocus that produces stunning violet blue blooms throughout September and October.

Perfect for planting in a sunny shrub border surrounded by deciduous plants, or scattered throughout a lawn in late July to September. They should be planted around 10cm deep in gritty, well-drained soil. More often than not it is the first crocus to bloom in Autumn, and will quickly naturalise to create a large colony.

The goblet-shaped blue flowers and bold orange anthers are perfect for pollinating insects. Create a haven for endangered bee species and be rewarded with vibrant floral displays.

Garden care

  • Rich violet goblet-shaped flowers
  • Autumn-flowering Crocus
  • Great for pollinating insects
  • Best planted July to September
  • Position in full sun
  • Requires gritty, well-drained soil
  • Flowers September to late October
  • Average size: 18cm x 5cm