Asparagus ‘Gijnlim’

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Plant Asparagus ‘Gijnlim’ in vegetable plots or raised beds to produce crunchy green spears that pair perfectly with hollandaise sauce.

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Asparagus ‘Gijnlim’ is a vegetable that grows in green spears with deep purple tips.

This vegetable is perfect hot or cold; grill on the BBQ with fresh garlic, or chop into a fresh summer salad.

Producing a high yield, these stalks are best planted between March and May. A few spears can be harvested the following year, but it is best to leave them for two or even three years to develop a robust crown of Asparagus. 

The best spot for them to grow is in full sun, with shelter from high winds, in well-prepared soil with good drainage. If the soil is heavy or wet, the Asapargus can be grown in a raised bed.

Garden care

  • Edible crop, served hot or cold
  • Best planted March to May
  • Best harvested 2 to 3 years after planting
  • Position in full sun
  • Best suited for well-prepared coil
  • Robust plant