Amaryllis ‘Ambiance’ (Hippeastrum)

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Watch these striking white and pinky-red flowers bloom in late Winter and early Spring. The Amaryllis ‘Ambiance’ is best planted indoors in sunlight, or outdoors in semi-shade if planted in Summer.

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Amaryllis ‘Ambiance’ (Hippeastrumproduces ivory-white flowers that have streaks of pink-red running through each petal.

These flowers make for a beautiful addition to any home or as a thoughtful gift to a friend or colleague.

This flower is happiest when planted in direct sunlight at room temperature – the ‘Ambience’ will then bloom around 8 weeks are plantation in winter or early spring.

Garden care

  • Striking white flowers with deep pink-red streaks on the petals
  • Best planted October to January
  • Position indoors in the sunshine
  • Requires well-drained soil
  • Flowers December to April
  • Average height: 40 – 60cm