Algon Organic Path & Decking Cleaner Concentrate (2.5L)

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If you’re ooking for an easy way to clean hard surfaces around your home and garden, then Algon may be the answer.

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Algon Organic Path & Decking Cleaner will help to restore the natural colour of almost any outdoor surface without the need for scrubbing and you don’t even need to rinse off after application. Just apply and let the product go to work.

This 2.5 litre bottle of concentrate will make up enough solution to clean up to 60 square metres, when diluted at 1 part Algon to 3 parts water. Best results will be obtained by using a garden sprayer, but Algon can also be applied by using a soft broom or paintbrush. A watering can may be used, however, this will reduce the level of coverage obtained.

Once applied, you will start to see the natural colour of the surface show through over the course of a few days, although the exact timescale will depend on how badly discoloured the surface was before treatment.

The treatment will generally last for approximately 9 months to a year, but the longevity does depend on the nature of the surface, its location and prevailing weather conditions.

Where to use Algon

Algon can be used around the home and garden on a wide variety of surfaces, including: Tarmacadam Driveways and paths, Patio Slabs, Wooden Decking, Glass or Plastic Conservatories, Wooden Fencing, Stone Walls, Garden Buildings, Greenhouses and even on garden furniture.

It is also possible to use the product on Ornamental Water Features and Bird Baths, although care should be taken as a small amount of Algon entering a pond will not harm fish but larger quantities may be harmful.

Of course Algon is also useful in areas such as Kennels, Stables, Farm Yards and other sports surfaces and public areas.

Safety considerations

Algon Path & Decking Cleaner is very safe, however, you should always read the label before use. There are some surfaces which should not be treated with the product, such as: Marble, unfinished Zinc and Iron.

If using this product to clean surfaces next to planted up areas such as lawns or beds and borders, you may find that these is some scorching of foliage if the product runs off during application. This will not affect the roots or rest of the plant, it only scorches where it touches green growth.