How to use garden furniture covers

Garden furniture covers are ideal for seats, tables or outdoor sets. Most of us leave garden furniture outside all year round. This is so it is ready to use and more often than not, because it’s easier or there’s no room to store it indoors. To keep outdoor furniture looking good for longer we think using a cover is key.

Unpredictable British weather means that when the sun does come out, it’s nice to be able to grab a tea or coffee and relax outside for a bit. But if furniture has been left uncovered, you’ll often find it is wet or dirty. The thought of having to clean seating before you can use it can be a real nuisance. Nobody enjoys sitting on a soggy bench or a damp sun lounger.

What are the issues leaving garden furniture uncovered?

Uncovered furniture can be prone to many problems, from pools of stagnant water, to bird droppings, tree sap and gathered leaves. Garden grime can leave furniture looking grubby and tired. Sometimes furniture left in sunny spots will suffer from UV damage if exposed for too long to the elements. Whilst some metal furniture may start to rust.

What are the benefits of using an outdoor cover?

Keeping garden furniture looking like new can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Using a waterproof cover correctly can resolve the issues mentioned above. A cover keeps outdoor furniture clean, dry and ready to use. Garden furniture covers provide a good level of protection against rain, UV damage from the sun and many are good at keeping moisture away from furniture to prevent rust or corrosion. Covers are also great at preventing general garden grime which can badly affect the look of garden furniture – from sticky tree sap, to dirty leaves and unsightly bird droppings.

How to use a garden furniture cover?

Whatever the weather, we recommend using a reliable garden furniture cover when outdoor furniture is not in use. In winter months, a cover will provide peace of mind, knowing your furniture is under cover. Please bear in mind though that covers can’t always protect against severe weather conditions such as strong gales, floods or heavy snow. However, they provide a good level of protection against everything else.

We think it’s important to look after garden furniture right from the start and this will not only prolong the life of the furniture, whether it’s woven rattan or a waterproof fabric, but it will keep furniture looking like new, year-after-year.

1. Find the right cover

First, find the right cover for your garden furniture. Many brands of garden furniture have matching covers which are tailored to fit well over outdoor furniture. Some more generic covers can also be found. Just remember to measure up. Find the length, width and height of the furniture you need to cover. Most covers will come with measurements to help you decide, like this Bramblecrest cover shown below. This cover can be used on a corner sofa and comes as one cover, making it easy to fit.

2. Prepare furniture to be covered

Ensure furniture is clean and dry before covering. Push any chairs as far under a table as possible or butt together adjoining sofa sections. Check the seams of your cover align neatly to the outer edges of the furniture and place the cover completely over the furniture.

3. Secure the cover

Once you have placed the cover carefully over dry and clean furniture you can secure it using any integrated tabs, ties, cord locks, toggles or velcro. Tightening toggles can make all the difference to the cover staying firmly in place and it can also help to keep the cover taut which can prevent rain from pooling on top of the cover. Adjust the cover to prevent any dips where water or leaves could gather.

4. On fine days remove the cover

Remove the cover regularly, even if you don’t need to use the furniture. This will keep furniture fresh. It will help to air any integrated seat cushions and prevent furniture from becoming mouldy or musty. Try (when possible) to always use your cover overnight, as British weather can change unexpectedly.

Caring for your cover

Covers can be folded and neatly stored away when not in use. Many come with a carry bag, so don’t throw it away, as it can be useful for storage.

If you need to remove any dirt from the surface of the cover, simply use warm water with a clean, soft scrubbing brush or sponge.

Choosing the right garden furniture cover

With the right cover, you can look after most garden furniture. You’d be surprised at what you can cover, from hanging cocoon chairs to corner seating and parasols. Garden furniture covers come in many shapes and sizes to fit different types of furniture, from corner sofas to coffee tables.

Plus there’s a range of colours to suit most outdoor spaces. Covers are available in black, green, grey, khaki, sand and some are reversible to give you a different colour option. There are also covers to fit unusual shapes, such as L shaped sofas or duo sets. Just remember to secure the cover around furniture, so it won’t blow away.

Most manufacturers of outdoor living furniture recommend storing loose non-seasonproof cushions and scatter cushions seperately in a cushion storage box. Although some high quality brands such as 4 Seasons Outdoor make furniture which is designed to be left uncovered and will drip-dry, so you won’t need a cover.

But if you need a quality cover that will last, think about getting one from a leading furniture brand like Bramblecrest or Hartman. These are a great fit to match their branded furniture, but their covers can also be used with other brands of furniture (just check measurements first).

We are sure you’ll be able to find the right cover for your furniture, but if you can’t, please feel free to get in touch and speak with a team member from our Outdoor Furniture department, who will be happy to help you.

Take a look at the many different Garden Furniture Covers For Sale to find the right cover for your furniture and look out for a cover that offers a minimum 12 month warranty for added peace of mind.

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