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Garden Care

From fertilisers to wheelbarrows, we want to help you to take care of your garden. We stock high quality items such as compost and lawn-care to make sure your garden stays at its best, all year round.

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Garden Tools

Tools are an absolute essential for any gardener, they can help you at all stages – from starting a garden to shaping and controlling it once it grows. We stock a wide range of quality gardening tools and gift-sets, so that we have a range to suit everyone and every garden.

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Fertilisers and Chemicals

Like every living thing, sometimes plants get illnesses or are attacked by bugs and parasites, we can help you to prevent and treat these problems. We stock a range of chemicals and fertilisers to help them fight back until they are back to full health.


Compost is the key ingredient in any garden, it helps organic plants and foods to grow. It is nutrient-rich, giving them everything they need to stay healthy and compost will help your garden to flourish.

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Water is an essential nutrient for every living thing. For plants it helps them to photosynthesise and grow. From hosepipes to watering cans, we’ve got the full range to keep your garden glistening and healthy. Come and see our full range in store.



We have a wide range of products to help you take care of your lawn, fill in any missing grass patches, keep your lawn well-mowed and looking green and fresh. We stock a wide range of tools and treatments to help keep your garden at its best, all year round.


Water butts and wheelbarrows

Water butts are a great addition to any garden, use nature’s natural resources and save on your water bills. Check out our range of high quality wheelbarrows too, helping you to do the heavy chores around the garden.



Lawnmowers are an essential part of every gardener’s kit, they save you hours of labour and grass can grow much quicker than expected. We stock a range of lawnmowers to suit every budget and every garden. Browse our selection in store where we have a range of sizes and brands to choose from.

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