Can you leave outdoor garden scatter cushions outside?

Everything about the term outdoor garden scatter cushions would suggest they can be left outside. To a certain extent this is true and they are after all designed to be used outside. Scatters for the garden or patio are made with season and shower-proof fabric and are stuffed with durable polyester filling which can drip dry, but if you like your cushions clean, dry and ready to use, then we always recommend storing garden scatter cushions when not in use.

In the home, a scatter cushion adds a bit of comfort, brings your own taste and style to a room and this is much the same for your garden when it comes to outdoor scatters. These outdoor cushions not only bring additional comfort to garden seating but they can be eye-catching and lift a plain garden set to become an attractive on trend focal point.

Why do you need garden scatter cushions?

Outdoor scatter cushions add a touch of style, comfort and colour to any outdoor seating. Simply scattering some quality garden scatters can give older outdoor furniture a new lease of life. Alternatively, try adding some new garden scatters to a new outdoor living set and you can make the set feel more individual to you and more your style. Cushions are a great way to make your outdoor space a bit more personal. You can introduce bright or muted colours, plain or patterned, the choice is yours.

Scatters come in different shapes and sizes – from round to rectangular or square. Rectangular cushions tend to take up less space than traditional square shaped scatters, but they are just as comfy.

A popular and trusted brand of garden scatter cushions is Bramblecrest. They make shower-proof scatters with high quality, season-proof fabric. They come with removable and wipeable covers that include a shower-proof coating. This means you can leave them outside during light summer showers, but we recommend storing them when possible. This will ensure they are clean and dry, ready for the next time you want to use them.

We think it’s important to store such beautiful cushions when not in use. Over time, weather and general garden grime can make cushions look tired. By looking after your garden cushions, they’ll be ready to use year after year and they’ll look like new every time you use them. This is particularly important for cushions with lighter fabrics which over time could start to look grubby if not looked after.

How to store outdoor garden scatter cushions

Cushion & Storage Boxes

Garden scatters, also known as patio cushions can be stored inside, but garden storage cushion bags and boxes are available and many are designed to match garden furniture sets. Well known outdoor living brands like Kettler and Bramblecrest are good examples of this. Many different types of garden cushion storage boxes are available. Look out for ones with a waterproof liner to protect the cushions from mildew. Storage boxes come in different styles and are made to match garden sets, so some come in aluminium, whilst others come in rattan weave – there are many styles to choose from. Also look out for cushion storage units with pistons and hinged lids. These are great for those who enjoy absolute minimum effort, as they open and close with just a gentle touch and make life a lot easier when it comes to tidying away garden scatter cushions. Plus, there’s usually plenty of room for seat and back cushions too.

How do you clean a garden scatter?

Instructions on how to care for your scatter cushions can usually be found on the manufacturer’s label inside the scatter. Simply, unzip and follow the instructions provided on the label. For example, Bramblecrest recommend removing surface dirt from their cushion covers first with warm water and using a soft scrubbing brush or sponge. For more stubborn stains, you can machine wash the covers at 30°C. They also recommend cushions are stored in one of their cushion bags, boxes or a dry place indoors.

Not sure about which garden scatter cushions to choose?

If you are finding it difficult to decide about which outdoor garden scatters to choose, then think about the colour of your garden furniture and any fabrics you might already have in the garden. For example, a garden scatter could bring together the colour of your parasol canopy, a swing seat or a sun lounger.

Also think about mixing and matching. A plain cushion with a patterned cushion can look eye-catchingly good. Our favourite combination is a patterned Bramblecrest scatter cushion combined with a plain block colour scatter cushion for a timeless look.

Garden Scatter Cushions complete the look
3 pattern & 3 plain garden scatter cushions on a garden lounge set
Outdoor garden scatter cushions complete the look

Lastly, think about how many outdoor garden scatter cushions you might need. If you like these little luxuries, then we recommend approximately six for a corner garden lounge set – two for each end and two for the corner. For example, you could try three patterned and three plain to achieve a timeless look. Having a mix of plain and patterned cushions will also give you flexibility to change the look. Some days you might feel like just the plain ones or just the patterned ones – the possibilities are endless.

We are sure you’ll find the perfect match for your garden furniture. Take a look at our outdoor garden scatter cushions for sale. These are available to buy in-store or online any day of the week.

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