Best Patio Heaters – Top 6 Picks

Enjoy the glow & create warmth outdoors

What is a patio heater?

A patio heater is a heating appliance for a paved outdoor space, terrace or decking area. Patio heaters are a modern alternative to traditional wood burners like chimeneas, firepits, fire baskets or fire bowls. They can be used on table tops, underneath parasols, as pendants or they can be floor standing.

Patio heaters are an economical way to provide instant warmth with excellent heat distribution and create a pleasant glow that everyone can enjoy. Powered by gas or electric, they provide heat without the risk of sparks or ash from natural burning wood.

How easy are they to use?

Easy to install, low maintenance and no mess, patio heaters are essential for entertaining outdoors. These fuss-free outdoor heating solutions are ready to go at the flick of a switch and once the evening is over you can switch them off, so there’s no waste. They conduct heat safely, quickly and there’s no nasty fumes to worry about, unlike traditional outdoor fires.

Electric garden heaters plug in for instant heat, but they will require access to mains electricity and some can be slow to heat surrounding areas. So it is important to choose the right quality patio heater to get your heating just right.

What can patio heaters do that other outdoor heating can’t?

A major advantage of using electric patio heaters is that you can use them in covered or in enclosed outdoor spaces. They are usually lightweight and easy to move around the garden or patio. They make it possible to stay outdoors together for longer with friends and family. Plus, they create a warm and inviting glow for everyone to enjoy.

There are many sleek and stylish designs to choose from and there’s something for every budget. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a short list of our six favourite patio heaters to keep you warm outside.

Top 6 Patio Heaters:

  1. Kettler Kalos Plush Electric Table Top Heater
  2. La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater
  3. Kettler Kalos Plush Electric Overhang Heater
  4. Lifestyle Tahiti II Black Flame Heater
  5. Kettler Kalos Plush Floor Standing Garden Heater & Lamp
  6. Kettler Kalos Lantern Patio Heater
Kettler Kalos Plush Patio Heaters
  1. For table top heat we think the Kettler Kalos Plush Electric Table Top Heater is great value.
  • Stylish all-weather lamp shade brings indoor styling outdoors
  • Strong no-fuss 1500W patio heater specially designed for table top use
  • Turns on and off with a stylish hanging metal pull
  • Ideal for small patios, conservatories and under parasols
  • Equipped with 1.8-meter electrical cable
  • Heats quickly and keeps you warm whilst eating
  • Sturdy cast iron weighted base
  • Safety tilt cut off mechanism
Kettler Kalos Plush Tabletop heater on

2. For parasol heat we recommend the La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater for directional heat.

La Hacienda Heatmaster Popular Electric Heater on parasol pole
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to fit to a parasol pole
  • Provides instant warmth with a pleasing glow
  • 900/1800W power provides more than 5000 hours of heat
  • Efficient Halogen heating with 2 heat settings
  • Adjustable lamps point to direction requiring heat
  • Great for keeping everyone warm around the table
  • Transportable, so you can take it with you

3. For overhanging heat take a look at the Kettler Kalos Plush Electric Overhang Heater

  • Arched directional heating with all the benefits of a ceiling heater, without any of the inconvenience
  • Large stylish lampshade coordinates well with garden lounge sets
  • Perfect for creating a warm and intimate setting in the garden
  • Double frost halogen heating reaches impressive heat temperatures up to 1800W
  • Includes a fillable sand base featuring handy rear wheels so you can move it
  • Remote control helps you to change heat settings from the comfort of your seat
Kettler Kalos Plush Electric Overhang Heater

4. For patio heating without electric we love the tall and impressive Lifestyle Tahiti II Black Flame Heater

Lifestyle Tahiti II Black Flame Heater
  • Floor standing upright patio heater with hidden housing for a propane gas fuel cylinder
  • Ideal for heating the patio area without electricity
  • Creates a mesmerising flame housed within a safety tube & porcelain-coated protector grill
  • Anti-tilt mechanism to cut the flame if moved
  • 13kW max heat output
  • Integrated wheels help to move the patio heater into position, making this a very versatile outdoor heating solution
  • Bring a restaurant or bar vibe to your patio with this glamorous heater and a popular choice for hospitality.

5. For floor standing heat and light that does it all, try the Kettler Kalos Plush Floor Standing Garden Heater & Lamp

  • Multi-functional, providing both lighting & heating
  • Comes with a handy remote control for heating and LED lighting
  • Heats up the patio area quickly with minimal fuss
  • Double frost halogen heating heats up larger areas fast with heat of up to 2100W
  • Complements wicker garden furniture
  • 3 heat settings: Low (900W), Medium (1200W) or High (2100W)
  • Sturdy cast iron weighted base with brackets to fix base to ground
  • 1.8m electric cable
  • Safety tilt cut off mechanism
  • Height: 215cm (60cm diameter)

6. For a traditional lantern style electric heater we love the timeless and stylish Kettler Kalos Lantern Patio Heater

Kettler Kalos Copper Lantern Tall Heater on patio
  • Choice of 3 sizes: Small / Medium / Large
  • Impressive heat output – up to 2000W
  • Brushed copper finish enhance the warming look
  • Pairs with copper pendant or floor standing heater in the range to complete the look
  • Easy to reach on/off switch with safety switch
  • Heats quickly for an all round glow
  • Easy carry handle

We hope our top 6 picks have inspired you to get toasty. Remember, if you are using an electric patio heater you can buy a weatherproof extension lead to help the heater reach exactly where it’s needed. And if you’re choosing a propane fueled patio heater, remember to get the right sized gas cylinder.

Then, all you need to do is get ready to enjoy cosy evenings together with a fast warming patio heater. There’s lots to choose from, but if you need help choosing the right heater for your patio, please get in touch with our Outdoor Heating experts today on 01664 454309 or shop for Patio Heaters now.

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