Best houseplants for your bedroom

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Your bedroom is your haven, somewhere to relax. Greenery can go a long way in achieving that sense of serenity. Not only can houseplants make your shelves look brighter, but they can also reduce stress levels and naturally purify the air of toxins and produce night-time oxygen, freshening the air to aid better sleep. So, choosing the right houseplant is key.

To help you achieve these benefits within your home we recommend the following plants for your bedroom, which will earn their keep.


With pretty heart-shaped leaves, this hardy houseplant will still love you no matter how much neglect you show it and even tolerates low lighting.


You can never go wrong with this fantastic all-rounder – NASA call it one of the best plants for improving air quality and its tall leaves will add a point of interest to your home interior.


The Spider Plant is easy to grow and care for. Perfect to sit on a shelf and show off its impressive cascading arching green and yellow foliage and baby plantlets that dangle from long stems like spiders on silken threads.


Great for bedrooms that attract a lot of sunlight, the Aloe Vera plant is famed for its healing abilities as it can be used to treat a variety of skin complaints. Some people grow Aloe Vera plants for its architectural, handsome spiky green leaves but its benefits go far beyond aesthetic appeal. It is one of the best plants for purifying the air, as it gives off oxygen during the night, filling your bedroom with fresh air when its needed most.


To sit pride of place on the beside table- look no further than the White Anthurium, which is often praised for its long-lasting flower bracts. It also removes toxics from the air and has attractive leaves and bold blooms.

Here at Gates, we have many different varieties of houseplants on offer to suit anyone, from elegant and blossoming orchids, dinky cacti and succulents, floor standing palms, trailing and foliage plants and so much more. If you are looking for anything in particular or have questions about a particular variety, contact our plant specialists on 01664 454309, who are happy to advise and help with your purchase.

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