Announcing the Cirquoise acts for 2024

Announcing Gates Cirquoise Acts for 2024

Announcing the Cirquoise acts for 2024 coming to Gates Garden Centre, from the 26th of July to the 11th of August. Each are internationally renowned, and many are appearing in the UK for the first time.

From hula hoops to high rise aerials and clowning around to dynamic speed juggling this is a show not to be missed.

The Ring Mistress – Angel

Born into the circus, Angel is a 10th generation circus performer, who has been travelling her whole life and getting an education whilst on the road.

She holds the performance together making sure it’s all running smoothly and the entertainers are safe, while looking elegant.

With multiple business degrees, Angel is a big part of the less glamorous side of the circus; the logistics and admin bits that the audiences don’t see.

Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Angel
Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Lucy

Hula hoop artiste – Lucy Luawana

Lucy Luawana is an international hula hoop artiste who specialises in multi-circus-style and LED-hooping. Taking inspiration from her love of retro circus, Lucy creates a dazzling act with a sensual vintage vibe.

From alluring tricks with a single hoop through to show stopping multi hooping, this will be a mesmerising experience you won’t want to take your eyes off.

Lucy became involved in circus when she watched a performance as a teenager and fell in love with it. She went on to learn various skills including fire eating, ariel hoop and juggling but it wasn’t until she picked up a hula hoop that she found her true passion.

Aerial hoop and silks performer – Lydia

An aerialist from Blackpool, Lydia first got into circus when trying aerial hoop classes as a new hobby; she met a couple of people from the circus and so it began.

Her eyes were opened to a whole different world and way of life, and it soon became her passion.

Lydia’s first break into the show world was swimming with sealions in Germany which then led to a touring circus and so on. There certainly is nothing like the circus.

Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Lydia
Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Ameya

Chair Stacking & Contortionist – Ameya Amber

Ameya Amber is a circus performer from Bristol who specialises in hand balancing and acrobatics.

Training and performing since the age of seven, Ameya discovered her skill in handstands at a circus school.

She is now performing her chair stacking act to amazed audiences all around the UK.

Trapeeze & Silks Artiste – Rosie

Rosie is a thrilling, multi skilled performer from Scotland.

She started performing whilst studying music theatre and transitioned into circus a few years later when she joined the National Centre for Circus Arts in London where she specialised in dance trapeze.

In the exciting years since then she’s travelled and performed across Europe, picking up a whole host of skills along the way including silks, hoop and hair hanging.

Rosie is thrilled to be performing her trapeze act with Cirquoise.

Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Rosie
Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Salvatore

Diabolo & aerial cloud swing performer – Salvatore

Italian Salvatore was born into circus, grew up in Germany and has been travelling and training from a very young age. 

He has performed all over the world in circus, theatre and for television.

Salvatore will showcase his diabolo and death-defying, on-the-edge-of-your-seat cloud swing act, where he performs a variety of captivating tricks, that showcase his strength, flexibility, and creativity.

Salvatore’s performance is a unique expression of aerial artistry. See this before your own eyes exclusively at Cirquoise.

Master of Comedy – Clown Luca

Charming and quirky, Luca is our fresh-faced circus clown and Salvatore’s younger brother.

Like his older brother Luca started circus training in a wide range of skills, but he soon realised that making people laugh was his real calling in life.

This will be his first time performing in the UK and he is sure to put a smile on your face.

Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Luca
Gates Cirquoise 2024  Performer Profile - Mikhail

High speed juggler – Mikhail Milla

Mikhail Milla presents high speed juggling at its most dynamic and electrifying.

Having learned many different disciplines, he dedicated most of his time to juggling and it has paid off as he’s performed in many of the most famous circus rings in Europe.

Mikhail is 24 years old, born into the circus and originally from Chile. He will be performing his innovative act for the very first time in the UK. So be prepared to be amazed at his extraordinary skills.

Cirquoise is a new-look, all-human family circus which is showcasing new and original acts in the lovely, Leicestershire countryside at Gates Garden Centre. Be amazed, be thrilled, and enjoy the theatrical and awe-inspiring in a show that is perfect for all ages – the young to the young at heart will all have the very best of times making memories that will last forever.

Trust Gates to provide the very best day out.

Visit the Cirquoise at Gates Garden Centre

26th July – 11th August | 11am, 2pm or 4:30pm

Tickets £8 – £10 per person

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